January 29, 2012

Macaroni and Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My older son loves grilled cheese but I get tired of seeing him eat the same types of food so I switched it up a bit, and it was a hit..and of course it's simple.  I used boxed macaroni and cheese but those of you who are organic or don't use boxed food can use noodles and cheese.
Boil the noodles and cook the Mac'N'Cheese as you normally would.  Then get out your Foreman grill or however you decide to grill it and just spoon some of the Mac'N'Cheese on to the slice of bread..
Then spray or butter the top part that is going to shut on the other piece of bread, so it doesn't stick and be ready for cheest goodness.

I know my little monkey eats it up!

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