January 22, 2012

NY Giants Support Punch

Well, today is the day we find out if the Giants go to the superbowl.  In my house, this is a big day.  My husband is going to be yelling, my baby is going to be freaking out, and we need to have some good things to eat and drink during the havoc. 

My first superbowl appetizer treat for today is NY Giants support punch.  I'm not going to lie, it can be tricky.

You will start by locating a CLEAR glass drink container like this:
Then you are going to have to basically get AS MUCH ice as you can.  I cannot stress to you the importance of ice.  If you are some sort of magical ice wizard and can find a BLOCK of ice that will fit in the top to layer the colors that would be much better, otherwise...get a lot of ice.

I used 5 bowls of ice like the above.

Next you will need your blue and red drinks.  So, my husband did not care if red was on top or blue was on top but I wanted the red over the blue. 

So first I put in my blue hawaiian punch

Then I added A TON of ice...I mean as much as I possibly could to create a layer between the colors.  Then I poured the RED hawaiian punch over the blue but you must be careful to pour the second layer slowly onto the ice cubes so they do not mix.  If you add the second layer quickly and do not have a thick enough layer of ice, it will mix.

The end result?

Depending upon how much ice you have it is supposed to last up to 4 hours. 

Important things to note about this:

  • Whichever color you want on the second layer must have LESS sugar than the BELOW color.  You have to check the sugar grams and make sure they have different amount of sugar. 

  • If you want to add WHITE to this drink you can use diet 7up.  You must make sure that they do not have the same level of sugars in each drink or it will mix.

  • You can use whatever colored drinks you want but you need to pay attention to the sugar levels.



  1. Looks great! I'm excited to try this punch and possibly spike it for Super Bowl! Love your recipes and your blog. And GO GIANTS!!!

  2. I agree with Steph! A little bit of vodka as my white layer and daaaamn that's a good punch! So cute and such a great idea!


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