January 26, 2012

Raspberry, Pear, Bacon Grilled Cheese

Now, when some of you hear this you may think "fruit with my bacon? noway." WAY! It is so good! I promise you.  My 8 year old and my husband both enjoyed this.  So just try it!

Here is what you will need.  Grainy bread (or bread that is pretty sturdy) Raspberry preserves, pears, (I used canned because I don't enjoy skinning pears) and then cut the pears long ways to fit the sandwich, muenster cheese and some bacon.

Next you should get out your FOREMAN grill if you have one, unless you are doing it "the old fashioned way" in a skillet..
So anyway, butter the side of the bread that is going to be touching the pan, spray that sucker so it doesnt stick with some PAM or whatever you choose, spread raspberry preserves (also known as jelly to most) and put the pears on top the jelly

Then place the bacon on top of the pears, and the muenster cheese on top of the bacon..

Then place the other pieces of bread (OPPOSITE side should be buttered) and close the grill..

and can I just say this is ONE GOOD sandwich??? I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Ahh, what a Perfect timing.. I've been searching for a grilled cheese sandwich with a twist. I will def. have to try this out.



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