January 28, 2012

White Girl Enchiladas

Today I am posting a recipe for enchiladas that I call "White Girl Enchiladas."

I only called them that because I am a white girl cooking a hispanic dish, so if it is not "authentic" I can just say "Well, they're white girl enchiladas."  Fear not, they are still VERY good.  It's the first dish I ever cooked for my husband before he was my husband so it's close to my heart.

Anyway, here are some things you will need.

PRE HEAT your oven to 350 degrees.

Items you should have:
So I am going to tell you what is in the above.  Shredded cheese (I use monterey jack but if you want to get into the culture of it, you can use fiesta style or mexican cheese) flour tortillas (soft taco size) I used a rotisserie chicken and just pulled the meat off, and green enchilada sauce.  If you prefer red, get the red, but I prefer green. Next..
Open the can of sauce and pour it in whatever dish you are using for these.   I normally would use a clear pyrex dish but it broke and I have not purchased a new one yet.  So I am using a casserole dish.
Place the shredded chicken and cheese in the middle of the tortilla and roll it up like a small burrito.

Place it in the dish with the sauce.  Then you will just continue to add more enchiladas next to that one until your dish is full or you run out of chicken.

Cover with another layer of sauce and then cheese (add as much or as little sauce as you prefer, I like mine moist) and you can garnish with chopped green onions if you would like. 

Cook in the oven for about 20 minutes or until the cheese melts (because everything is already cooked)

Then get out your cerveza and enjoy!!

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  1. Looks easy and yummy! I have already made them up for tonight ready to go in the oven. Can't wait to see how it turns out!


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