February 4, 2012

Red Velvet and Blue Superbowl Cake

Here we go!  Tomorrow is the SuperBowl! Are you ready?  I am making sure that my house is because tomorrow my husband could be the happiest guy in the world or the worst guy to be around.  Also, let me tell you that RED CAKE is not easy to make.  So, here is how you make red velvet and blue superbowl cake.

Start with our friend the dough boy white cake.  I had to use 1 1/2 boxes.  I mixed it regular and then did half a box with 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup oil, 1 egg and 1/4 the mix.  I winged it.
Then you are going to split the mixture into 2 bowls.  You will  be creating one blue and one red mixture.

The red is tricky!  It turns pink, even with red food coloring.  Solution?  Cocoa powder and if it turns TOO brown, add hot pink (neon) food coloring to even it out.

You can just use neon blue  food coloring to achieve the deep blue of the Giants color for this cake.  Regular blue food coloring makes it baby blue. The cocoa in the mix is what labels it red velvet. 
When it cooks it gets lighter so make sure it looks like the above.  I did blue first and then red, so the red is when I added part of the second box of mix.  Not much- I made just enough to fill the rest of the cake tin.

Bake these as the box says to, normally.  Then remove them and do not frost them for an hour.  Otherwise the frosting will melt and ruin it and the cake will fall apart.

You are going to frost the bottom one and then the top.  I just wanted to show you how to layer the cakes.
When you get to the sides of the cake, frost them in an UPWARD motion to fill in the gap.

When you cut the cake it will look like this.  I am pretty proud of this.  Now, if you want to add the NY Giants symbol to the top you can.  I used food coloring GEL and was super careful to do the outside of the block letters and then did the middle in blue and used a q tip to rub it in.  It can be tricky.
I am not baker, so those of you with tools and experience can probably do better than myself but I did my best and it pleased the person I intended it to so...Have a great Superbowl and GO GIANTS!

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