April 28, 2012

Turkey Pockets

I have been so crazy busy with training for a new job and both boys, soccer, keeping up with the house, everything else that I have not blogged anything new for about a month and a half.  For those of you that actually missed my blog, today I am featuring something that will be good for kid's (or adults) that need a quick snack!

First you are going to need Crescent rolls, I just used plain old "Great Value" ones. Then you will need some ground turkey.  A lot of people use ground beef but I prefer ground turkey because it's healthier and no one can usually taste the difference in my house.

Next you will cook a small amount of ground turkey.  I probably cooked a half cup of it.  I seasoned mine with Cumin, you can use whatever seasoning you prefer.

Then you will lay out the crescent rolls and spoon the meat into the rolls

Next you just roll those suckers up.  fF you want to add cheese, feel free.  I never tried that because I wasn't sure if it would come out too mushy?

After you have rolled them up, place them on a cookie sheet and bake according to the directions of the rolls.  I baked mine at 350 for about 15 minutes.

When you remove them they should be looking pretty tempting and delicious...

YUMMY!  Kid tested, and approved! I hope you all enjoy this small entry!  It is simple, low budget and kid friendly!  I will try to post recipes more often!

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